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  Jacques Lacasse







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1979 (?) 1855A

Chester Easter 
1979 (?) 1855A Chester Easter 

The Snapper 1855A Serial #01451961 was built in Fort Worth, Texas about 1979 (right after Snapper bought out that line of tractors from Massey Ferguson). I am the second owner since 2002. The first owner used it on a fruit tree farm. It was not running and in poor shape when I purchased it. It came with a working tiller, center mower deck, dozer blade and a roller.
With TLC, new manuals and the correct parts, it is now restored. It is powered by an Onan 18hp 2 cylinder B48M engine and has a hydrostatic drive, 3 point hitch with rear, mid and front "PTOs". I have since purchased a tandom disc, a box scraper and a loader bucket that will be adapted to the 1855A like a "Johnnny Bucket".




smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)